Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Evidence-Based Medicine is a Science

We believe that evidence-based medicine is a science. Science measures things. This means that if evidence-based medicine truly is a science it should be able to be measured.

This means we should be able to have all of the following:

Evidence-Based Medicine Score(s)™
Evidence-Based Medicine Grade(s)™
Evidence-Based Medicine Ranking(s)™
Evidence-Based Medicine Rating(s)™

and in more abbreviated form:

EBM Score(s)™
EBM Grade(s)™
EBM rating(s)™
EBM ranking(s)™

and also in more abbreviated form:

EBM™ Score(s)
EBM™ Grade(s)
EBM™ rating(s)
EBM™ ranking(s)

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