The Problems in Healthcare and the Solutions

The Problem for Patients
The problem for patients in healthcare is described by the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research team: “Every day, patients and their caregivers are faced with crucial health care decisions while lacking key information that they need.” PCORI goes on to say that we need to translate “…existing scientific research into accessible and useable formats…”

SOURCE: “Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute Funding Announcement: Communication and Dissemination.” PCORI. Published May 22, 2012, Revised September 17, 2012. Page 2. Accessed December 1, 2012.

The Problem for Doctors
The problem for doctors is that they want to focus on what they love: taking care of patients. Malay Ghandi of Rock Health says: “We are looking for ‘physician-first’ companies that build tools beloved by doctors. The sad fact is, doctors enjoy medicine less and less each day and dissatisfaction has never been higher. We believe EHRs [Electronic Health Records] are satisfaction killers.... Enabling the provision of higher quality care is the number one driver of job satisfaction and your product must start there.”

SOURCE: Malay Gandhi. November 10, 2014.

The Solution
We believe the solution for patients, doctors, nurses, and all allied healthcare professionals is Treatment Scores™, which are produced by analyzing the science of medicine behind medical treatments. This type of quantification has never been done in medicine before. The clinical decision-making process has always been considered too complex. It's like the early days of the computer when only people who knew machine programming language could use a computer. Then, Apple and Windows came along and put on a graphical user interface and suddenly everyone could use a computer! That's basically what we at Treatment Scores, Inc. are doing. We are putting a graphical user interface on the treatment decision-making process.

We provide you with four tools inside our Treatment Score Analyzer™. These tools enable you to quantify the Science of Medicine behind medical treatments. The tools are:

1. Diagnosis Tool™
2. Treatment Organizer™
3. Treatment Score Calculator™
4. STAR Blocks™

Using our Treatment Score Analyzer™ creates quantified transparency in healthcare for the first time in medical history. We also quantify treatments for you, and with you, using evidence-based medicine algorithms to create both Treatment Scores™ and Treatment Grades™. You will be able to decide for yourself if a treatment is grade A or grade F.

A – The best treatments that are supported by randomized controlled studies.
C – Average treatments
E – It is shocking how many treatments in medicine today are actually Grade E, the worst in terms of having any positive effect at all.

Grade F treatments are considered harmful. An example would be the frontal lobotomy being done for depression.

Using our Treatment Score Analyzer™, which puts a graphical user interface on the clinical decision-making process, everyone is able to see the science of medicine behind medical treatments.

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