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People don’t believe statistics; they believe people who can explain statistics. That’s a truism that I’ve seen over and over in my lifetime. People trust experts not numbers.
There have been some great science communicators. Carl Sagan taught the world about cosmology. Isaac Asimov taught the world about chemistry, physics, and put the science back in science fiction.

I predict that there will be a TV show about Treatment Scores; therefore,
Treatment Scores needs a spokesperson.

Going Deep with David Rees
David Rees can make watching the grass grow interesting. He did a show on making ice cubes and it was fascinating. He did a show on making toast! It was engrossing. Going Deep with David Rees on the National Geographic Channel, makes ordinary things spectacular. Rees uses a lot of guest experts. Treatment Scores TV needs a host like David Rees.

Adam Ruins Everything
Adam Conover is a comedian. Adam Ruins Everything started on YouTube and became an “educational sketch comedy” on truTV. Adam Conover is great because of the way they “fast cut” the show and flash the references onto the screen. The references enhance his credibility. Treatment Scores can do this because we have invented simple, great new visuals for data. Adam Conover’s “super annoying” personality is part of Adam Ruins Everything. Treatment Scores TV needs a host like Adam Conover, but maybe more Macus Welby, M.D., than annoying.

Diagnose Me
Diagnose Me on the Discovery Life Channel is a great show about medicine. It’s a medical detective show. Diseases are puzzles that must be figured out. The show uses many different patients, doctors, and nurses. It’s riveting what people must go through before they can get diagnosed. Maybe the Treatment Scores TV show should be called “Treat Me!”

Medical Education Shows
There are many other medical education shows like The Doctors on CBS hosted by Travis Stork M.D., an emergency medicine physician. There is also The Dr. Oz Show from NBC (now ABC) hosted by Mehmet Oz, M.D. Remember, Dr. Oz was discovered by Oprah Winfrey and soon after had his own TV show. Treatment Scores could create its own celebrities. There is nothing more dramatic than educating people about life-and-death problems, and, everyone also is interested in everyday health issues.

There are medical reality shows like Save My Life: Boston Trauma on ABC, Trauma: Life in the ER on The Learning Channel, and Untold stories of the ER on the Learning Channel and Discovery.

There are also crossover medical shows with fiction and reality combined: Chicago Med, Code Black, and Grey's Anatomy. Who could ever forget the cantankerous but brilliant Dr. Gregory House, of House, M.D., who was exactly like one of my dramatic attending physicians during my medical school training.

Science Shows
Think of all the great science shows: MythBusters, 3 Scientists Walk into a Bar, Mysteries at the Museum, Bill Nye the Science Guy, Things We Don't Know (a Web based TV show), and astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson has been on many different TV shows. Sadly, it is Mythbusters' last season. They have rabid fans that suggest myths they should bust. Treatment Scores TV also expects to have rabid, “desperate,” fans from around the world seeking better medical information in the form of Treatment Scores.

The Movie: Moneyball
Let’s not forget movies! The movie, Moneyball, starring Brad Pitt as Billy Beane is a great movie! I had no idea about Sabermetrics when I started Treatment Scores. However, when I learned about it by watching Moneyball on Cable TV, I read the book, Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game by Michael Lewis, and discovered the parallels. Bill James, the inventor of Sabermetrics, realized that the entire sport of baseball had always been using the wrong statistic so he invented a new one. Medicine has always been using the wrong statistic for patients so we invented a new one, the Treatment Score. Now we are quantifying something life and death important: the science of medicine behind medical treatments using evidence-based medicine guidelines. Treatment Scores are Sabermetrics for medicine.

There are many, many excellent movies with medical themes. What will the Treatment Score movie be like? I can’t wait for it to happen. It would be an underdog story about how a small group of doctors invented health information technology and turned it into a greater discovery than the invention of penicillin for mankind. Treatment Scores will help billions around the world forever into the future, while the main benefits of penicillin have come and gone.

Treatment Scores TV needs a spokesperson. We are looking. Treatment Scores need somebody with outstanding charisma and an incredible voice; someone who can make evidence-based medicine as mesmerizing as it actually is. The drama surrounding medical treatments is high. It’s life and death. Your health is forever at stake. (See the disclaimers below.)

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