The Science of Medicine SOM® is Not the Same as Evidence-Based Medicine

The Science of Medicine SOM® is based on medical studies alone, and is an attempt to understand what the best medical studies say without the information being filtered through the potentially biased eyes of human beings.

The Science of Medicine SOM® is the first step of evidence-based medicine. Two people can read the same medical study and interpret it differently. So, the Science of Medicine SOM® is about the hardest data from experimental studies such as randomized controlled trials (if they exist). Experimental studies are hard science while observational studies are soft science.

Evidence-based medicine has three parts:

  1. Medical studies
  2. Clinical Experience
  3. Values and preferences of the patient

You can also write the three steps of evidence-based medicine this way:

  1. The Science of Medicine SOM®
  2. Clinical experience
  3. Values and preferences of the patient 

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Listen to the Patient!

What is the "Net Treatment Benefit for the Patient?" Remember, the first rule of medical ethics, FIRST DO NO HARM! Figure out the "Net Treatment Benefit" for the patient before and after treatment.

Here is a Treatment Score Calculator™ for patients, doctors, nurses, and everyone else, that you can print or download. It is a simple, easy way to understand the concept of the "Net Treatment Benefit for the Patient" using chronic pain as an example.

The patient who takes Tylenol®, Motrin®, Naprosyn®, or hydrocodone will almost never receive the same "Net Treatment Benefit" from these medicationss. The treatment effects are different and side effects are different. In addition, every patient reacts differently to medications!

The Universal Treatment Score Calculator™ at the end of the document can be used to educate yourself about any treatment for any disease:

Let's institute these medical principles:
  • Patient empowerment 
  • Transparency 
  • Informed consent 
  • Patient autonomy 
  • Shared decision-making 
  • Evidence-based medicine

Treatment Score Calculator(TM) - Chronic Pain Example

What the patient most needs to know is the "net treatment benefit" for them. When anyone gets sick they need a list of treatments with Treatment Scores.

The Treatment Score = the net treatment benefit for the patient.

This is the simplest example of how to calculate the "net treatment benefit for the patient" that we have come up with so far. You can print or download the Treatment Score Calculator(TM) - Chronic Pain Example here:

This example also includes a Treatment Score Calculator(TM) that can be used for any treatment for any disease.