Treatment Scores fix Problems

Treatment Scores are for the web, mobile web, and digital health. Treatment Scores solve three of healthcare's biggest problems: patient involvement, patient engagement, and shared decision-making. Treatment Scores save time, money, improve quality, and have the potential to solve health illiteracy. Treatment Scores make evidence-based medicine understandable.

Many of the buzzwords currently going around can only truly happen with Treatment Scores:

  • personalized medicine
  • treatment transparency
  • patient empowerment
  • patient engagement
  • quality-based care
  • value-based care
  • precision medicine
  • informed consent

Cost benefit analyses cannot be done without Treatment Scores.

Think of it in obvious terms. Every year you calculate your net income:

Net income = Gross Income - expenses.

Yet, in the whole history of medicine, we have never routinely calculated the "net treatment benefit for the patient," which we call the Treatment Score.

Treatment Score = gross treatment benefit + side benefits - side effects.

It's a lot of math; often 10,000 variables. Treatment Scores may be a technology a few minutes ahead of its time, because few people understand medical statistics. However, software is solving that problem, because it puts a graphical user interface over the math.

Treatment Scores are likely to help you personally someday. Treatment Sores have the potential to save lives and keep people healthy.