Patients Need Help

“Every day, patients...are faced with crucial health care decisions while lacking key information that they need.” – Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute.

Patients need patient engagement. Patients need shared decision making.

Imagine wanting to research a medical treatment. When our vision is realized, you will be able to go to, find a diagnosis, and see a list of every treatment ever mentioned in the medical literature all arranged from best to worst by their Treatment Scores™. We will be doing a new kind of medical review article.

The Treatment Scores™ will be based upon our evidence-based medicine algorithms. You will be able to click on the Treatment Scores™ to see the supporting statistics and medical references. Knowing Treatment Scores™ will empower you and educate you. We will analyze Western medical treatments, Eastern medical treatments, herbal medicines - any treatment that has data.

We quantify the science of medicine behind medical treatments, which used to be impossible. It used to be impossible to quantify baseball as well, but Sabermetrics was invented and led to a World Series victory. Basketball is now being quantified using the Pythagorean expectation to the 14th power.

Medicine can be paternalistic; you were told what treatment to undergo. Shared decision making is better. Treatment transparency is better. Post Internet, medical knowledge mostly relies on subjective review articles. You cannot see the specifications of your healthcare treatments in the same way that you can see the specs of other products. Many healthcare consumers don’t understand things like statistical power or P values. Many inadequate statistics exist such as hazard ratios, relative risk reduction, and the number needed to treat. We have invented new statistics focusing on what is most important to the patient - statistics that may be of life and death importance. We create true treatment transparency that is easy to visualize.

The information on this website should never be used as a substitute for the advice of a qualified, licensed physician or health care professional. We are a new way to write review articles. We are not advocating any treatment, physician, medication, or any other entity. We are informational and educational only. We do not form physician-patient or doctor-patient relationships. Contact your physician for medical treatment. Call 911 if you may have an emergency or go to the Emergency Department. We are not responsible for any delays in care from information obtained from our site, nor for any consequential damages of any nature whatsoever, either directly or indirectly related to the use of this site, or from assumptions made. We cannot predict the future, we are only trying to do a better job of quantifying and reviewing what has happened in the past.

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