The Problem and the Solution for Treatment Transparency in Medicine

The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research (PCORI) team says, “Every day, patients and their caregivers are faced with crucial health care decisions while lacking key information that they need.” PCORI also says that we need to translate “…existing scientific research into accessible and useable formats…”
The problem for patients is that the medical literature is like a huge, dark, underground cavern of 22.5 million medical studies. It’s difficult to get into the cave, and after getting down inside the cave the obstacles to understanding the medical literature are numerous: difficult medical vocabulary, no access to full-text studies, unfamiliar statistics, and no clinical experience.

Even the most highly skilled patient cannot overcome all these obstacles and the “avalanche of big data.”
Every once in a while, a physician (or other expert) enters the cave, shines a flashlight into the darkness, and comes out to explain a very narrow area of the hard scientific data to a patient. Then, it all goes dark again.
Our Treatment Score Analyzer™ goes into that huge dark cavern, wires it with electricity, and turns the lights on forever by producing Treatment Scores™.
What you get is the ability to:
  1. Look up a diagnosis
  2. Create a list of treatments for that diagnosis from Western medicine, Eastern medicine, herbal medicine, and all other forms of alternative medicine
  3. Score the treatments based on the science that supports them
Let's focus on patients, doctors, nurses, and all allied healthcare professionals and what they need to better understand treatments.

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