Educational Believable Mathematics EBM™

Mathematics can be difficult. Sometimes they are not educational. Sometimes they are not believable. However, mathematics should be educational and believable.

We should have educational and believable mathematics EBM™.

The point of mathematics us to better understand the world we live in. Mathematics is first and foremost the study of numbers.

We need EBM™ numbers. When any body of literature produces a number whether it be chemistry, biology, business, physics, or whatever we need to have educational believable mathematics behind that number. It needs to be an EBM™ number as opposed to a pure guess. Too often numbers are not educational and they are not believable.

Today we have the perfect storm of technology, visualization tools, the Internet, and mathematics so that we can show a number, and visually show the trail back to where it comes from. We can make that number educational and believable. We can visualize backwards to understand the number, and we can visualize forward to see how the number was determined.

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