Treatment Scores are Like Uber

Treatment Scores are like Uber. Uber is a revolution from the bottom up. Uber did not start out buying new taxis or building new infrastructure. They just reorganized people and cars so that many more people and cars could offer transportation. (I do not take credit for this description of Uber as I believe someone else said something similar in the past.)

Treatment Scores, Inc. is similar. What we are doing is reorganizing the data from the existing medical literature to make it understandable for everyone. We are also a revolution from the bottom up. We are making science-based medicine accessible and understandable for everyone, starting with patients.

At this website,, we are quantifying the net treatment benefit according to the existing medical literature for various medical treatments.

We believe that organization and quantification into Treatment Scores will revolutionize patient education, physician education, research, and that Treatment Scores will also revolutionize business to business healthcare distribution, and business to government healthcare distribution for all governments around the world.

You always suspected that there had to be a practical use for big data, and artificial intelligence like IBM Watson, but like everyone else you were just waiting for somebody to invent Treatment Scores.

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You must consult your own licensed physician, or other licensed medical professional, for diagnosis, treatment, and for the interpretation of all medical statistics including Treatment Scores. Treatment Scores are for educational purposes only. Treatment Scores may be incomplete, inaccurate, harmful, or even cause death if used for treatment instead of consulting a licensed medical professional. No medical advice is being given. We DO NOT CLAIM to cure, treat, or prevent any illness or condition. Nor do our services provide medical advice or constitute a physician patient relationship. Contact a physician or other medical professional if you suspect that you are ill. Call emergency services (call 911 if available) or go to the nearest emergency room if an emergency is suspected. We are not responsible for any delays in care from using our website, our services, or for any other reason. We are not responsible for any consequential damages of any nature whatsoever. We make no warranties of any kind in connection with our writings or the use of or Treatment Scores are about what happened to patients studied in the past; they do not predict the future.

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