Comparison of Different Treatments for Hip Osteoarthritis

Studies on natural forms of healing are becoming more and more prevalent, though they are still pretty minimal compared to treatments that have been around for decades.  In the osteoarthritis world, treating hip arthritis has proven to be more difficult than treating knee arthritis.  Additionally, there are fewer studies on the treatment of hip arthritis as compared to the studies on treatment of knee osteoarthritis.

A recent study came out comparing natural platelet rich plasma (PRP) with long time used hyaluronic acid (HA) and with a combination of PRP and HA.  The results of this study were actually very surprising!  After using the STAR™ Blocks  to enter all of the information for each of the arms of the study, I was able to compare the actual effect of each one of the treatments.  

As you can see above, from top to bottom, are the HA alone, HA plus PRP and PRP STAR™ Blocks. It is clear by these comparisons that the PRP alone group had the best improvement in pain.  You can also see that this was a highly rated study, as the study design and the quality of the study were great. Is it surprising, then, to see that all 3 arms of the study only ended up with a Treatment Grade of "E"?

Such a low treatment score occurred with all 3 arms due to the low improvement in pain after 1 year. Even though all 3 treatments are safe, they are each pretty minimally effective for treating the pain associated with hip osteoarthritis.  

Here at treatment scores, we will continue to put a hard value on each treatment out there for every specific disease process.  Until we have concrete numbers to compare different treatments to each other, it remains a difficult task to understand the actual benefits of each treatment.  

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