Treatment Scores Tutorial 4: Creating a List of Treatments

After you have created a diagnosis at, you need to create a list of treatments for that diagnosis. We are continuing our tutorial on how to create a Treatment Score. Remember, the Treatment Score equals the net benefit for the patient. Why don’t you already know the Treatment Score for every treatment? What’s wrong with our medical system that it never tells us the net treatment benefit for the patient?

You have already created a diagnosis at and you have clicked on the blue “Tx” button on the left side of your diagnosis as seen here:

You are taken to the Treatment Organizer™. At first glance the Treatment Organizer™ looks complicated, however it is actually simple. The diagnosis is on the left and the area you will be working on to create a treatment list is in the middle:

If you focus on the middle area of the graphic above it looks like this:

All you have to do is put your cursor in the box where it says “New Treatment” and enter in some treatments you want to review. For example, I want to look at: ginger powder, sumatriptan, and botulinum toxin type A as treatments for a “migraine headache, acute.” After I enter the treatments into the box my treatment list looks like this:

Note that “No Treatment” is always at the top of the list and “Clinical Trials” are always at the bottom of the list. The reason “No Treatment” is at the top of the list is, because in some situations, you need to explore the baseline where the patient does not get any treatment at all. This becomes especially important when there are no randomized placebo-controlled trials. Most of the time, at least in the beginning, you will not deal with the “No Treatment” issue. The reason “Clinical Trials” are always at the end of every treatment list is that if you have something deadly, like a deadly cancer, and there are no good treatments, you will need to investigate clinical trials, which have experimental treatments. There are other situations, perhaps not deadly situations, where there are no effective treatments. That's another reason to look at "Clinical Trials."

After you have put at least one treatment into your treatment list, you will move on to the Treatment Score Calculator™, by clicking the icon to the right that says “Calculator.”

The “Calculator” button is will take you to the Treatment Score Calculator™ for that treatment. Eventually, you will create a Treatment Score Calculator™ for each and every treatment. The Treatment Score Calculator™ is the heart and soul of science based medicine, evidence-based medicine, and shared decision-making.

Another tutorial will follow that explains how to use the Treatment Score Calculator™.  There are actually 57 treatments that you can add to your treatment list for a “migraine headache, acute.”

The goal is to get each and every treatment in your treatment list, and to create a Treatment Score for each and every treatment. This means that you will look at the science behind Western medical treatments, Eastern medical treatments, herbal medicines, and all other forms of alternative medicine. All the data from all the medical literature needs to be captured in one place.

Why haven’t you known about Treatment Scores before? Haven’t you always needed to know the net treatment benefit? The Treatment Score puts big data and health information technology to work for you! It's about time!

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