IV Chelation: Decreasing your Risk of Cardiovascular Death: Treatment Score = 33

Four years ago, a study was completed, which evaluated the effects of IV chelation on cardiovascular disease.  This was a huge study, researched over 5 year's time, with almost 2,000 participants.  Many physicians in the traditional medical world believed that alternative medical practitioners were "quacks" if they treated their patients with IV chelation. According to traditional physicians, there was no proof that IV chelation actually worked to reduce cardiovascular disease. It was thought that alternative medical doctors were unnecessarily taking money from patients for costly interventions. Alternative medical physicians, on the other hand, argued that traditional medical doctors were, in fact, the ones doing unnecessarily costly procedures to patients, in the name of medicine. While I'm not going to presently evaluate the effectiveness of more traditional cardiac procedures such as stents and angioplasty, I will discuss the recent findings of the TACT study (Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy).

The TACT study separated patients into 2 IV chelation groups (with supplements and with placebo supplements) and 2 placebo chelation groups (with supplements and with placebo supplements). The study involved a total of 1,708 patients. The patients selected had a prior heart attack and were over 50 years old. During the trial, the patients were also encouraged to continue their present medications. After 5 years of studying these patients, and each patient receiving 40 total chelations, the results were actually astounding! It was found that the patients who underwent IV chelation had an 18% reduction, as compared to placebo, in all cause mortality (heart attack, stroke, coronary revascularization or hospitalization for angina). In the diabetic patients who were treated with IV chelation, their risk of all cause mortality decreased by 41%!

Once the numbers were placed into the treatment score calculator, the results were as follows:

As you can see from above, despite diabetic patients having such great outcomes, the final Treatment Score is still only a 33. This low score is taking into account that the non-diabetic patients did not have as good results as the diabetic patients.  I also had to take into account, the cost and time it would take patients to do these infusions weekly.  After I added and subtracted all of these numbers, a Treatment Score of 33 was given to IV chelation for heart disease. (Eventually, all the mathematical calculations will be made transparent in the system and will be visible for review. Treatment Scores are in the early stages of development.)

This study was very eye opening to traditional medical physicians.  In fact, they are presently trying to replicate this study (something that is never done), since the results were truly unbelievable for many "traditional" practicing physicians. (See the disclaimers below and also those linked to at the top of the blog.)

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