What Can Treatment Scores Do For You?

Treatment Scores aims to provide users (both physicians and patients) with the ability to understand optimal medical treatments, without having to decipher the mass amounts of good and bad medical literature that there is out in the huge world of information and studies.  Physicians are under a lot of pressure to keep up with the latest studies in medical information.  They are not given many means to do this easily or in a timely fashion.  There are so many resources (Internet, societies, magazine, journal articles) that publish different studies on similar information. There is no way a single physician can keep up with all of this medical knowledge. This leads to physicians practicing ancient medicine, and also leads to physician burnout when they try to consolidate the most prevalent information for their patients.

From a patient standpoint, they have more access to vast amounts of information on healthcare.  One would think that this would enable them to better assess their own health. However, due to the massive amounts of information on the Internet, this actually, more often than not, leads to inaccurate information and assessment of one's own health issues.

One purpose of Treatment Scores is to compile all of the medical information in journal articles, papers, the internet, etc, and put it in one place. Additionally, we aim to make this information available to everyone, in a way that is easy to understand. This will serve to lessen the burden on physicians to search the world for new studies. This will also allow patients to access one site, to find out what treatments may serve them best for their single condition. That is not to say that patients will be able to treat themselves, but they may be able to do more accurate research on their diagnosed disease. Patients would thus be able to have an educated conversation with their physicians, about their treatment options.

The physicians at Treatment Scores are working to objectively and mathematically compile this information for the public. It will take some time, but it will be done.
(See the disclaimers below).

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