Where Do You Go For Sound Medical Information?

Do you search the internet in earnest to look up medical information?  Do you try to find out the best treatment for your condition, only to come across pages and pages of information that you cannot make sense of?  Or pages of useless or conflicting documents?  Well me too!  And I’m a physician! 

I spend hours and hours trying to research the newest and best treatments for my patients, only to be frustrated with the misinformation out there.  It is trying and tiring sorting out good medical information, from bad.  This is why you need Treatment Scores! 

Treatment Scores aims to acquire the vast amount of medical information there is on the web, in journals, in magazines, etc, whether true or false, and put it into a single place.  One location for all medical claims (disease, diagnoses, and treatments).  How great would that be?  Patients and physicians, alike, will be able to understand true versus false medical information.  Not only will we be able to do that, we will be able to see what the statistics say for one treatment and compare it to other treatments for similar conditions.  

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