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You must love to write, talk, and teach evidence-based medicine. You must be driven to help and educate people. You should want to be a health blogger and social media user. You must be good communicator.

We provide you with four tools at, which help you to organize the medical literature, organize statistics, and quantify the science of medicine behind treatments. Our products help you arrive at the "net treatment benefit" as an educational exercise. We are like Sabermetrics for medicine.

The diagnosis can be personalized. What does the data suggest? Does taking statins extend your overall survival? Does Harvoni work for Hepatitis C? Is it better than interferon? Do vitamins extend your life? Which alternative medicines have good data behind them? Which insomnia treatments have the best data? Which cancer chemotherapy treatments have such bad data that no one should be forced to undergo them? What does the evidence say about prostate cancer treatments? What does the evidence say about breast cancer treatments? What is the data behind Angelina Jolie’s decision to undergo bilateral mastectomy? Which diets or diet pills have good data behind them?

What does the data say about treating Stage IV metastatic cancer of any type? This needs to be crystal clear, but is usually a quagmire of ambiguity and fuzziness. The same lack of clarity may exist for 90% of all treatments.

We believe the future of medicine is quantification and we need a great communicators via emails, phone calls, and video-conferencing. You may need to talk to philanthropists, nonprofit disease-related organizations, governments around the world, patient groups, users, investors, crowd-funders, and everyone else interested in better treatment transparency.

Major tasks will be to 1) write blog posts about treatments for diseases using quantification, and 2) communicate with everyone. If you have previously written health-related articles please send us your URLs, CV, or resume, when you apply. This is the type of pursuit you can actually love doing, because every day you will be helping people and teaching people. This process may allow you to do what you already do, try to figure out what the medical literature actually says.

You will be working with the founding physicians. Contact: Dr.Hennenfent ((at)) and send the appropriate URLs, CV, or resume. Register at and read the Tutorial at for more information.

Contact: Dr.Hennenfent ((at))

The Problem Summed Up
The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research (PCORI) team says, “Every day, patients and their caregivers are faced with crucial health care decisions while lacking key information that they need.” PCORI also says that we need to translate “…existing scientific research into accessible and useable formats…” Let's fix this problem.

Disclaimer: Always consult your own licensed physician for treatment and diagnosis.

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