We Need Easy Basic Math, EBM™, More than Ever Before

We need Easy Basic Math, EBM™, more than ever. When it comes to scientific papers one could say that "every statistic is a bad statistic." One could also say that "no two statistics can be weighted equally." This is because scientific papers almost always have problems with methodology or bias.

The layperson usually understands basic mathematics. The typical layperson understands addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and percentages. These are the things that people use in their everyday lives.

However, when it gets more sophisticated than that, and square roots or exponents are used for example, then when a statistic is presented on the Internet the Easy Basic Math, EBM™, should be presented behind it. That way there will be an understandable trail explaining where the statistic comes from. A visual trail that explains everything in Easy Basic Math, EBM™.

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