Do You want to be the Greatest Possible Evidence-Based Medicine Physician?

Do you want to be the greatest possible evidence-based medicine physician? If so, you have to go to the data yourself. You have to stop following “authority bias” or “eminence bias.” You need to end “paternalism” and “maternalism” in medicine, where you act like the patient’s father or mother and tell them what to do instead of helping them decide what they WANT TO DO based upon all the options and scientific information. You need to combine evidence-based medicine and shared decision-making. You have to give patients real informed consent.

You have to join the movements to put patients first. You need to be aware of the E-patient movement, the spoonie (chronic illness) movement, the patient power movement, the shared decision-making movement, and about price transparency and product transparency for patients.

Our early stage startup, Treatment Scores, Inc., has invented Treatment Scores. The Treatment Score stands for the “net absolute treatment benefit for the patient.” That’s a mouthful to say, which is why we call it the “Treatment Score.”

Doing Treatment Scores means organizing and digesting the scientific information in a way that patients, doctors, and nurses can all understand while being on the team that “puts patients first.”

What we do is like putting a graphical user interface over science-based medicine. In the past, very few people could use a computer because it did not have a graphical user interface. Right now, very few people can do science-based medical reviews of the literature, because they don’t have the graphical user interface they need to organize and digest medical statistics. We are changing all that with Treatment Scores.

Should you take a statin?

What are the treatments to quit smoking?

What is the evidence behind your favorite diet?

There are 130 treatments for insomnia. Can you give the Treatment Score for each one?

There are 57 treatments for an acute migraine headache. Can you give the Treatment Score for each one?

You are diagnosed with cancer. You can have surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy, sometimes hormone therapy, or many combinations of all of these treatments. Can you give the Treatment Score for each treatment?

Whenever physicians, nurses, and other allied healthcare professionals do Journal Club they should be focused on coming up with Treatment Scores. Whenever any medical review article is done the focus should be on Treatment Scores. Continuing medical education should be focused around Treatment Scores.

How is it that you don’t know the Treatment Scores, the net treatment benefit for each and every treatment? Do you know your gross income and your net income? Does your business know it’s gross income and net income? How is it that what really matters to the patient continues to be a secret? Why don’t we know “the gross treatment benefit” and the “net treatment benefit?” Why don’t we know the Treatment Scores for every treatment?

Support the Treatment Score movement and help us help all 7.3 billion people who live on planet Earth.

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