Treatment Scores are about Statistics

The Treatment Score represents the net treatment benefit of a treatment for the patient. To understand medical articles when doing journal club, readers of medical articles need to understand clinical statistics.

Here is a favorite clear video tutorial about the standard deviation and the standard error of the mean. We like to use Easy Basic Math (EBM™) so that statistics can be brought to the masses.

As you will see in a future post, these calculations can be made easier by using absolute values instead of squares and square roots to get similar indicators of dispersion about the mean.

We could make this simpler. The standard deviation and the standard error of the mean both square the difference between the mean and each number to get rid of negative numbers. There is really no reason to do this anymore. All you need to do is use the absolute value of the difference of n minus the mean. You lose a great number of people once you start squaring the numbers and doing square roots. With easy basic math, EBM™, you can start producing the average difference from the mean, and you could report the mean +/- the mean average difference from the mean (MADM) as a measurement of dispersion.

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