Evidence-Based Medicine for Insomnia using Treatment Scores: Figuring out the Diagnosis

Evidence-based medicine is not easy. Let's review the medical literature (using TreatmentScores.com) for treatments for insomnia. Our first obstacle is organization. We are going to have to look at insomnia six different ways.

There are at least five different symptom scales for insomnia. They are the Insomnia Questionnaire Score, the Insomnia Severity Index, the Leeds Sleep Evaluation Questionnaire, the Pittsburgh Insomnia Rating Scale, and the Visual Analog Scale.

We will have to look at insomnia with each of these symptom scales as the main outcome measure, and we will also look at insomnia trying to combine all the outcome measures. This project has already turned into an organizational nightmare, but TreatmentScores.com makes it more doable than ever before.

In fact, let's look at just one potential treatment to get started. Someone who suffers from insomnia asked me about cherry juice for insomnia. They had read about treating insomnia with cherry juice in a magazine.

One of the great things about TreatmentScores.com is that it doesn't matter whether it's Eastern medicine, Western medicine, herbal medicine, or any other type of alternative medicine. What matters is if a study (or studies) and statistics exist.

However, I have run into my second big obstacle. I have to find the statistics. Statistics that should be available to me in seconds are not available to me. They will be available to me in seconds in the future when TreatmentScores.com goes from an alpha website to a beta website, which will take some time. For now, I have to download and read some studies. Meanwhile, stay tuned for part 2 on insomnia.

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