Glaucoma Part II - Structuring the problem

Last week we set up the Diagnosis Tool for glaucoma.  This week I want to answer a specific question: Does the medical literature say selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT) is effective in reducing intraocular pressure?  SLT is a relatively new in office treatment for glaucoma patients and many ophthalmologists are using it as a first line therapy to reduce the necessity of eye drops. While there is a lot of literature amassing regarding the topic, I'm interested in the evidence behind SLT.

To get started we clicked through to the Treatment Organizer and added SLT in the new treatment block.  This added the treatment to the organizer (figure 1) and now we are ready to click through to the Treatment Calculator.  

Figure 1. Treatment Organizer

Once we click through to the calculator we see the diagnosis to quantify on the left, the treatment score in the center, and the secondary positive or negative endpoints on the right (figure 2).  
Figure 2. Treatment Calculator
This is going to be the graphical representation of our final quantification of the problem, but first we must input the data into the Star Block format.  

So far we have identified the problem and entered it into the Treatment Scores system.  Our third blog post will go through the Star Block creation process and the magic that begins to answer our question.

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