Putting a Graphical User Interface on Evidence-Based Medicine

Have you been watching the diet wars? People have strong opinions about low-fat, high-fat, carbohydrates, sugar, protein, gluten, genetic influence, and every diet out there.

I want to see the numbers. I want to see exactly what people are thinking when they make a claim. However, typically when I read an article there are very few numbers, but lots of opinion. How can we reverse that? How does one figure out who is using the best statistics and the best evidence-based medicine? (There are some great evidence-based medicine experts who are writing excellent articles.)

What we need to do is put a graphical user interface (GUI) on the evidence-based medicine process. That's what we are doing at TreatmentScores.com, and that's what we are writing about here at TreatmentScoresBlog.com.

Remember the early days of the computer when only those who could do machine programming could use a computer? Then, Apple and Windows (or maybe someone else) put on a graphical user interface and suddenly everyone could use a computer?

At TreatmentScores.com we are putting a graphical User Interface (GUI) over the evidence-based medicine process, and are going to make it so simple and convenient that doctors, nurses, and all patients around the world can do it as an educational experience. We already have a minimum viable product - in the form of an alpha website.

Our Treatment Score Analyzer™ will eventually allow shared decision-making and evidence-based medicine to be combined.

The Treatment Score Analyzer™ has four parts:

1. Diagnosis Tool™
2. Treatment Organizer™
3. Treatment Score Calculator™
4. STAR™ Blocks

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