Cold Remedies - What's the evidence?

As we navigate through cold and flu season this year I began thinking about the different remedies we have to try to prevent or alleviate the signs and symptoms of the cold or flu. The most common remedies I found were ginger, green tea, honey, garlic, nasal rinses, or steam.

Treatment Scores is a great platform to assess the evidence behind each of these remedies and provide a quick, understandable comparison of the evidence.  We can use the score to help educate ourselves on the evidence of each remedy, but we must use caution that the interpretation, diagnosis, and treatments should be done in consultation with your licensed physician within the patient-physician relationship. (See disclaimers below.)

The first step in my assessment was to complete a quick search of the literature for each of these.  While some of these had no evidence immediately available, there were several that came up with an assortment of different levels of evidence.  Hopefully we can use Treatment Scores to combine these different levels and quality of evidence to create a simple, easily understandable, comparable score for each treatment.

While Treatment Scores cannot recommend a specific treatment the next time you catch a cold, it can allow you to have a clearer understanding of the science behind each treatment.

Over the next few weeks I'll be taking a look at each of these treatments in the Treatment Scores Calculator.  By the end of our series we will have a score for each of the treatments, providing us a simple comparison of the evidence behind each treatment. (See the disclaimers below.)

Please use the comments section below for any additional remedies you would like to see evaluated.

Follow Treatment Scores:

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