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Knowledge.  It's everywhere.  In this day and age, a person can leave their doctor's office with a new diagnosis and a prescription, and not fully grasp the magnitude of the diagnosis, or the side effects of the prescribed medication. Often, these diagnoses and medications come with a myriad of questions. Questions that were not thought of and not answered while at the doctor's office. What does a person do?  They go home and do an Internet search of their new found diagnosis, in order to better understand what their specific disease entails, and perhaps even search for the "alleged" best treatment for the disease.

What does a person find?  The person finds innumerable web pages dedicated to medical reviews, other people's opinions, and any other number of answers, both from reputable sources and otherwise.  It is extremely difficult as a patient to navigate through the mass amounts of information on the internet.  How does a person know which websites have good medical knowledge?  Which opinions can be trusted or not?  How do physicians navigate through the immense amounts of research there is on the internet and otherwise, and come up with a well educated treatment plan? can help!

Treatment Scores is a new, innovative website that strives to assemble the mass amounts of information from the web and from medical articles.  It is meant to give you the tools to organize medical statistics and make sense of what they say. One can actually conglomerate hundreds of evidence-based medicine articles and websites. is for patients and physicians alike, to make transparent what the science of medicine (SOM) shows.  It can be used to better understand a diagnosis, or better understand what treatment options are available.  It is not a replacement for an actual physician, but the educational tools can be used for a discussion between a patient and their own physician.

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